The right student jobs in a classroom have the power to:

  • tap into student interests
  • build positive classroom culture
  • give more ownership to the students of their learning experience.

But what kind of classroom jobs accomplish this?

What kind of jobs will students be eager to do?

What kind of jobs will give them skills they can use beyond the classroom?

I've been experimenting with student jobs since 2011

After a few years of having the same jobs for students and seeing things getting stale in my classroom, I decided I wanted to come up with jobs students would WANT to do.

In this FREE course, I share the student jobs that students have loved, that have given them opportunities to be creative, and that have helped create a positive classroom culture.
My first year teaching

What kind of jobs?

I'll share CREATIVE jobs (students create work to be shared with the class and beyond) as well as SUPPORTIVE jobs (students do work that supports the teacher and their fellow students), such as:

  • Class Podcaster

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Class Photographer / Instagrammer

  • Assistant Grader

  • Mari Kondo Organization Specialist

What you'll learn in this FREE course...

  • Why Class Jobs?

    What's our goal with these jobs?

  • 26 Different Class Jobs

    Ranging from creative jobs to supportive jobs.

  • Applying & Hiring

    The tools and methods in getting kids to apply and deciding who gets what job.

  • Training

    How to ensure students do their jobs correctly each time.

What's included?

In the free course you'll get the following:

  • A fully editable list of 26 student jobs and their descriptions

  • Ways to implement most of these jobs in both in-person and remote learning classrooms

  • Tools and resources to share with students to help them complete their jobs


Thom Gibson

Thom Gibson has been teaching since 2011. He is a two-time teacher of the year educator in Austin, TX, teaching middle school math, robotics, physical science, and YouTube Video Production. His YouTube channel showcases reflections, ideas, and resources to help middle-school STEM teachers design an engaging classroom experience for their students and a fulfilling teaching experience for themselves. Outside of education, he's a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has been learning mandarin since 2018, loves to run, and is actively involved in his church.


Tap into student interests, build positive classroom culture, and give students more ownership of their learning experience with these student jobs